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Litter O3 - NFS

Updated: Mar 28

Sire: Payton (Imp Estonia)

Dam: Furrytail Jolly

Grandpa: Elvis (Imp Estonia)

Grandma: Furrytail Izzy (Great grandparents are from China & Ukraine)

  1. ny11 girl - under observation

We still need more time to decide if we need to keep this little girl as the Grandpa Elvis has retired this season and Grandma Izzy is retiring by the end of next. She is the only kitten left from this linage.

This is Jolly's 2nd litter but unfortunately as many of our Instagram friends know that she ended up with a cesarean this time. We managed to save this little girl and decided to let Jolly enjoy her retirement earlier than planned. Jolly will retire this winter 2024, and is currently spoken for.

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