Golden Kings

Fontenoy Elvis

DOB: 8 April 2018
Blood Group: nonb/b
HCM normal (scanned in Sep 2021)

Colour: ay11 (Blue Golden Shaded)
Imported from Ukraine arrived in May 2019

Furrytail Ivan

DOB: 19 July 2019
Blood Group: A or AB
HCM normal (scanned in Sep 2021
Colour: ny11 (Black Golden Shaded)
Carry longhair, point

Ivan is our first generation, son of Izabella.

Goldenbri Payton

Coming soon in 2022
Imported from Estonia
Colour: ny11
Carry Longhair

HoneyHoliday Umka

Big boy coming soon in 2022, videos @6.5 months and 3.5 months
Imported from Russia
Colour: ny12
Carry Cholocate