Please read the following Q&A, talk to your partner, family, landlord and flatmates etc before contacting us.

Our breeding season just began! Since our waiting lists get longer and the expected waiting time has now exceeded 1 year, we have decided to close all waiting lists until end of 2020 (we need to review our breeding plan and waiting lists before we reopen the bookings). We understand that some of you are eager for a companion pet while you work from home during the pandemic but please keep in mind that keeping a pet is a lifetime commitment. We appreciate all your trust, support, understanding and patience. 

1. Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, we are dual members (Sophie and Emily) with ANCATS #14072. Registration certificate is available on request.

2. Have all the parents been tested for genetic diseases?

Yes. The genetic tests of parents or original cats are all clear and reports will be included in kitten folder. PKD negative is guaranteed.

We are also running an ultrasound routine check to make sure HCM is screened out in our lines since 2020.

3. What's the cost of a kitten as pet*?

Our price for kittens rises every year (according to rising running costs of the cattery including import of new lines, food, litter, freight, vet bills, cat shows etc). The colours we are specialised in are:

-Blue Cream Tortie: $2,200+

-Blue Cream Tortie & white: $2,800+

-Solid Blue, Lilac: $3,000+

-Blue Bicolour, Lilac Bicolour, Blue cream Bicolor: $3,000+

-Cream, Cream Bicolour: $3,500+

-Golden/Silver Tabby Bicolour: $4,000+ (from 2021)

-Golden shaded incl Black/blue/possibly chocolate/lilac golden shaded, ticked, shell (chinchilla): $4,500+ (we do not have a fixed price for golden shaded but will suggest a budget of $6,000 so you will have more choices)

*We have show quality kittens occasionally and price will be higher than pet quality, they will be on the upper bound of the price range - if the kitten has potential, we will check your budget again when it's your turn to choose your kitten. 

4. What does the price include?
All of our kittens will come with the following (costs covered by us)

-microchip ($60)

-2xF3 vaccinations ($108x2)

-Desexed (non-negotiable for pets, Male $160-200 and Female $320-360 in Sydney metro)

-vet checked

-wormed and flea treated

-litter trained

-6 weeks Petplan insurance

-ANCATS pet or show pedigree paper

5. How can I reserve a kitten?

Check the available kittens page first, if the kitten is marked as:

Available: Kittens are ready to go in a week. We require $500 non-refundable deposit to secure the kitten and pick up within a week.

Available For Reservation: Kittens were already born and will be ready to go in a few weeks. We require $500 non-refundable deposit to secure a kitten of your choice. Please confirm the timing of pick-up and talk to your family, landlord, flatmates beforehand.

If there's no kitten available (for reservation), you can consider going on our paid waiting list to secure next available one.

Do not make enquries on kittens that are marked as:

Sold: the kitten has gone to new home already

Reserved: the kitten is spoken for and deposit received

Await confirmation: there is plenty people on waiting list and we are waiting for confirmation

Under Observation: we need more time to decide if we will keep the kitten with us or not

6. How can I go on a paid waiting list?

Check with us the waiting time first by an introduction of you and your family for example:

- Family members

- if you rent or own, house or apartment

- any previous experience having a pet

- what life can you provide to our kitten

- and any questions for us and concerns bring a kitten home

We can give suggestions and try our best to meet your family needs based on the info you provide.

Tell us your preferences, please let us know if you are open to gender or other colours etc as more avilable choices will shorten the waiting time. We will then have a general idea of the waiting time (3 months to 1 year) and if you are happy to proceed we require $500 deposits for solid, bicolour and torties, $1,000 for golden shadeds.

Please understand we can calculate the odds but the reality sometimes gives us surprises.

First come first serve applies: For each litter, the owners on our paid waiting list will be able to pick their kitten via photos, videos or video chat when they are 6-10 weeks old. Most of kittens can go to new homes after they recover from desexing surgery.

If you are not satisfied with the litter, or there is any change in plan, please notify us immediately when we reach out to you, so we have plenty of time to find a new home for the kitten. You can of course wait for the next litter available.

7. Can I visit your cattery?

Due to privacy issues and health concerns, we no longer open our homes to random visitors.

Sophie works full time and Emily is a first time mum. We both have our own busy life - raising cats and kittens are our hobbies and we still wanted to retain some privacy. Our cats' health and happiness are our first priority and we will not expose them to any unknown risks.

For prospective owners, we can provide photos/videos of parents and arrange a live video chat to help you decide.

For owners that have chosen your kitten, we will update you with videos of your kitten weekly or fortnightly until they are ready to go home.

We show some of our cats regularly. If you'd like to meet our cats or kittens or talk to us in person, please check with us which show we are going and we are happy to meet you there.

8. Do you sell for breeding/registered breeders?
Yes, but only to knowledgable, ethical and registered breeders that share same values with us.

For golden shaded colours, we are happy to swap bloodlines with breeders specialised in such colours.