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Please read through the following Q&A before contacting us. If you have any other questions that are not covered below, please feel free to contact us via the enquiry page.

1. Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, we are dual members (Sophie and Emily) registered with ANCATS since 2017. Prefix name Furrytail, ANCATS # 14072. We base in Ryde (Emily) and Hills (Sophie) Sydney Australia.

All of our breeding cats are registered under ANCATS and all of our kittens comes with an ANCATS pedigree.

2. Have all the parents been tested for genetic diseases?

All the original cats are DNA tested, PKD negative guaranteed.

Since 2020, we run a heart ultrasound routine check on all our original breeding cats. They are checked by Cardiologist with reports to make sure inborn HCM is screened out in our lines.

3. What are included in the total price?

All of our kittens will come with the following (costs covered by us)

  • Microchip ($60)

  • 2 x F3 vaccinations ($98 x2)

  • Desexed (non-negotiable for pets, Male $160-200 and Female $320-360 in Sydney metro)

  • Vet checked

  • Wormed and flea treated (Milbemax & Advocate)

  • 6 weeks PetCover insurance

  • ANCATS pet or show pedigree paper ($40)

  • Kitten pack (including 1.5/2kg bag of dry food and assorted toys)

  • Lifetime consultation

  • Cattery Guarantees

4. What is the cost of a kitten as a desexed pet?

If you prioritise price over all other factors, our kittens may not be the best choice for you. While we understand the importance of budget considerations, our pricing reflects the extensive health testing, veterinary care, high-quality nutrition and all the investment we put into our kittens' health, well-being, and highest breeding standards.

Our kittens' prices are determined when they are 6-8 weeks old, based on their type, quality, lineage, and color rarity. We may take longer to evaluate a kitten from a new mating.

Lilac is a recessive gene, and we retired many lilac carriers in recent years so there is a small chance of having lilac (and bicolour or torties) in our future litters.

For bicolours, the market has a strong preference in symmetric face pattern so you will be looking toward the higher end of the price range due to market preferences, irrespective of the kitten's type.

Blue: $4000-4500

Lilac: $4000-4500

Cream: $4500-5000


Blue Bicolour: $3500-4500

Lilac Bicolour: $3500-4500

Cream Bicolour: $4500-5000

Torties (all girls by genetics)

Blue cream tortie: $3500-4000

Lilac cream tortie: $3500-4000

Tortie bicolour: $4000-4500

5. How can I reserve a kitten/join a waitlist?

Step 1: Check Our Available Kittens Page

We usually will list the available kittens there. You can contact us directly by quoting their details in the enquiry.

Step 2: Check Our Recent Litter Page

You can enquire about the kittens marked as:

"For Reservation": they are still young and not ready yet but will be in a few weeks.

"Under observation": they are under cattery evaluation, we need more time to decide keeping or selling and they may become available later.

Step 3: Check Breeding Plan page

This is a plan for the upcoming litters and colour expectations, It will give you an idea what colours to expect in the upcoming litters.

6. Can I visit your cattery?

We would love to meet you but unfortunately we no longer open our homes to random visitors due to privacy issues and health concerns. Please do not feel offended if we say no.

For prospective owners, we can provide photos/videos of parents and arrange a live video chat to help you decide.

For owners that have chosen your kitten, we will update you with videos of your kitten fortnightly until they are ready to go home.

We show some of our cats regularly. If you want to meet our cats or talk to us in person, please check with us which shows we are going and we are happy to meet you there.

7. Do you ship to other states/overseas?

We ship kittens worldwide using licensed agents.

Nationwide: normally below $250 (including a new airline approved crate)

International: you can arrange shipping by any licensed animal transportation of your choice (like Jetpets). Below are the approx cost of flying a kiten to the popular countries:

  • Singapore: $2800/kitten and $3200 for 2 kittens flyiig in one crate

  • New Zealand: $3000/kitten

  • Thailand: $2600/kitten

8. Do you sell breeding cats/undesexed cats?

Yes, but we only sell entires to knowledgeable, ethical and registered breeders that share same values with us.

We do not tolerant backyard breeding, so do not ask if you have unregistered entires in your cattery. We have our way to find out and will report to your cat club without any notice. We do not sell entires to local catteries who are ONLY registered with international cat clubs like WCF, TICA, FIFE or CFA. If you are located in Australia and have imported breeding cats, you need to transfer all your breeding cats to local cat clubs, which are the member bodies of CCCA or ACF or ANCATS, for example, if you are in NSW, you should register with NSWCFA, CATSNSW or ANCATS.

We expect you are serious about breeding, treat life with respect, aim to improve the breed and have basic understanding of breed standard, blood type and genetics (including colours and diseases).

We will have a contract in place with some main restrictions but not limited to:

    1. No Furrytail offspring within 2 generations can be sold as entires unless with our permission

    2. Unless you are located in NSW, no Furrytail offspring within 2 generations can be sold into NSW as pet or outside of Australia as entires unless with our permission

    3. Please inform us of where our breeding cats are going if you plan to rehome them.


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