Breeding plan 2021-2022

Thanks to our friend Ern Fuller (ANCATS judge) who generously letting us to have Panda as our main stud in this season. We will update his photos and info later in the Sire page.

The following is our breeding plan in 2021 spring (not in exact order):

1. Ivan x Rickie

Expected colour: Black Golden, possibly 1/4 longhairs

2. Panda x Isla (or Ilsa due to rego typo)

Expected colour: Cream, cream bicolour, blue, blue bicolour, blue cream tortie, blue cream tortie bicolour

3. Elvis x Athena

Expected colour: blue, golden blue tabby

4. Panda x Lilah

Expected colour: Cream bicolour, blue bicolour, blue cream tortie and white

5. D... x Ulani

Expected colour: solid cream

6. Elvis x Iris

Expected colour: blue golden, black golden

7. Simba/Panda x Nala

Expected colour: cream

8. Simba/Panda x Jamaica (Jamaica may retire early after this litter):

Expected colour: blue, blue bicolour, lilac, lilac bicolour boys, blue/lilac tortie (and white) girls

Updated 11 Aug 2021