Breeding plan 2022-2023

The following is our breeding plan starting in spring Sep 2022. Unfortunately some previous plans did not happen by winter and was carried forward towards next season. Currently we do not have any available kittens for sale. The confirmed litters below will be born in Sep-Oct 2022.

1. Ethan x Blueberry (confirmed)

Expected colour: Blue Boy (1/4), Blue Bicolour Boy (1/4), Tortie girl (1/4), Tortie Bicolour girl (1/4)

2. Elvis x Iris (confirmed)

Expected colour: Black Golden (1/2), Blue Golden (1/2)


3. Ethan x Ulani (Confirmed)

Expected colour: Cream, Cream Bicolours

4. Ivan x Koala (Confirmed)

Expected colour: Black Golden shaded/shell, Black Golden Point

5. Ivan x Cutest Thing (Sugar) (Confirmed)

Expected colour: Black Goldens

6. Dylan x Isla

Expected colour: Cream boys (1/2), cream girls (1/4), tortie girl (1/4)

7. Dylan x Jedi

Expected colour: Blue Bicolour Boy, Lilac Bicolour Boy, Tortie Bicolour Girl

Updated 5 Sep 2022