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Our available kittens are listed below, please shot us an email if you are interested :) We will get back to you as soon as we can.

The following adults are retiring in winter 2024, please email us an EOI with a brief intro if you're interested in adopting one of them.


Since we have heard some dramas recently, we want to make some clarification here regarding the adoption of Furrytail retirees.

- They will stay with us until they find the RIGHT home, locally in Sydney

- Please understand that they're adults - their personalities are already shaped. Some prefer to have a playmate, ok with a busy family with other pets/kids, some gets jealous easily and want full attention, while some others are more independent and enjoy to be left alone, so please give us as much info as you can and we will get back if we feel you're the right family.

- Please think carefully if you're ready to take care of a pet for rest of their life before reaching out. Moving house, buying a new pet, going on holiday, expecting new babies are not good excuses to send them away.

- No Furrytail cats can be abandoned to any rescue organisations. We understand things happen, we are always here to help if you can no longer take care of our retirees.

The adoption fee is $1000 for golden shaded adults and $500 for all other colours.

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