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Please understand we are two busy families - we all have our full time jobs and family commitments. Before making an enquiry, please read through 'Buyer info' page to save time for both parties.


We have a large number of enquires and simple questions like"how much" or "any available kittens" without any introduction may not be answered. 

If you have further questions that not covered in buyer info or happy to go to the next step, please feel free to contact us. We would like to know about you and your family (bullet points listed below are some examples), so we can get an idea of what kind of family our kittens will spend its lifetime with:

  • Family members, your lifestyle

  • if you rent or own, house or apartment

  • any previous experience having a pet

  • what life can you provide to our kitten

  • any preferences of colour or gender

  • and any questions for us and concerns bring a kitten home

Inquiry form

Thanks! Message sent. We will get back to you within a week!

The best way to reach us is via the above enquiry form. Alternatively, you can also reach us by the following contact details:


0430 710 420 (Sophie, text only during working hours)

0469 057 887 (Emily, also available on WhatsApp)




Contact details
Appointment for Visiting
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