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Mahaska Armani (Simba) (Retired 2023)

Foundation cats (Retired)

DOB: 2 Feb 2018
Blood Group: b/b
HCM normal (scanned in June 2020)
Colour: solid cream
Simba is our first and best cream boy. Though he does not like shows, he has the best temperament at home - a gentle giant with short crispy coat, compact body structure, small round ears on the biggest skull. Unfortunately he did not have many successful matings in his breeding life so we decide to let him enjoy retirement earlier than planned. He is staying in cattery as our beloved pet.

Britern Behold Pandeonium (Panda) (Retired 2023)

DOB: 02/01/2020
Blood Group: Nonb/b
HCM: Normal (Scanned in May 2022)

Colour: Blue Bicolour
Carry Longhair

We are very happy to have Panda in our breeding program for season 2021-22. Panda is bred by ANCATS Judge Ern Fuller and has very strong bloodlines behind. In love with his compact type, we are lucky enough to keep some of his kittens in our cattery: FT Voyage to the North, FT XOXO, FT Leonine Blu

Fontenoy Izabella (Imp Ukraine) (Retired in 2023)


DOB: 10/05/2018
Blood Group: A or AB
HCM: Normal (Scanned in Sep 2021)

Colour: Black Golden Shell ny12
Carry dilution, longhair

There are cats that I wish I could keep for a lifetime but had to rehome due to lack of space (yes we have to keep the numbers down so everyone can be happy). Izabella is one of such cats who will always hold a place in my heart. She travelled half of the world to me and witnessed my 2 pregnancies and my kids growing up. She now lives in Ashfield Sydney.
She is proud mum of: FT Izzy, FT Iris , FT Ivan, FT Iron. Both Iris and Iron had won best kitten & entire, and Supreme in ANCATS shows.

Fontenoy Erika (Imp Ukraine) (Retired in 2023)


DOB: 13/03/2018
Blood Group: A or AB
HCM: Normal (Scanned in Sep 2021)

Colour: Black Golden Ticked Tabby ny25
Carry chocolate, dilution, point


ANCATS Grand CH. Obsession (Nala) (Retired in 2023)

DOB: 16 Dec 2017
Blood Group: B
HCM normal (scaned June 2020)
Colour: solid cream

When we started breeding cats, experienced breeders warned us not to focus only on cream-colored cats. They said it could limit our options in the future. But we didn't listen. It turned out that Nala was the only cream Brit girl we found that met our high standards and we could not find another cream girl like her until today.

She has 2 litters with Simba, and brought us cream kittens with best quality. Some of them went to other catteries in Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, and even New Zealand. We kept 2 of her daughters: FT Ulani & FT Usula

Nala will always be special to us, she stays with us as family pet after she retired.