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Litter N3 - Reserved

Updated: May 4

Sire: Payton (Imp Estonia)

Dam: Ellie

Grandpa: Ivan (Great grandparents: China x Ukraine)

Grandma: Rickie (Great grandparents: Ukraine x Ukraine)

  1. ny11 BLH girl (left) - Reserved

  2. ny11 BLH boy (right) - Reserved

Ellie the mum (2 years old) is retiring this winter due to change in breeding plan. This is her first but last litter in her very short breeding life. She potentially fits in a small family with no more than 2 pets (including her). She can get along with my cats but she is more on a sensitive side and prefers a relaxed and quiet environment without too many people/kids/pets around. If you can offer her a forever bed, welcome to send an EOI and an intro of yourself to our email

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