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End of breeding season 2022-2023

Thank you everyone for the support in this busy season! Litter Z2 is our last litter of the breeding season 2022-2023. Our girls are resting and enjoying their winter time break. We will spend some time with friends and families and travelling around overseas. We will be away:

Emily: Mid-end Jun and Sep-Oct 2023

Sophie: Mid Nov to early Dec 2023

For all enquiries, please feel free to shot us an email, as we may not be able to take phone calls when we are overseas. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Next season starts around Oct 2023, and we've started taking deposits for following colours.

- Solid Cream

- Solid Blue

- Golden point

- British longhairs in golden shaded colours

- Torties

Furrytail Cattery


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