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With 7 years of dedicated breeding experience, Furrytail Cattery stands at the forefront of excellence in the world of British Shorthairs. We've poured extensive resources into cultivating superior bloodlines, ensuring that each cat epitomizes the highest standards of breed quality. Our commitment knows no bounds, as we invest considerable time and effort into every aspect of our breeding program. It's with great pride that we can say the majority of our British Shorthairs meet the stringent criteria for breeding quality. Our cats boast stable features, including adorable round and small ears, mesmerizing big round eyes with captivating colors, compact bodies, medium to large sizes, impressive big muzzles, short legs, and luxurious short and dense coats. At Furrytail Cattery, we don't just breed cats; we cultivate companions of unparalleled beauty, health, and temperament.


Small ears

Big muzzles

Short legs

Compact body

Medium to big size

The Furrytail Type

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