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British Shorthair Cattery
Since 2017
Blue, Lilac, Cream, Bicolours and Golden Shaded
ANCATS Excellence of Cattery
British Shorthair Cream Australia


We are two hobby breeders residing in the Ryde (Emily) and Hills area (Sophie) of Sydney,as members of ANCATS #14072. Our families are small and young, and our cats have a prominent presence in our living spaces. They occupy the majority of our rooms, amounting to 8 out of 11 rooms. Additionally, we have 2-3 adjustable areas that can be used as needed.

Our cats live with us indoors and are an integral part of our households. We keep the female cats in small groups and provide them with ample fancy cat furniture. Each household has dedicated spaces, including a nursery area, a kitten area, and a quarantine area. To prevent any undesired breeding and conflicts, we strictly separate the male cats, known as studs.

Our specialization lies in breeding solid blue, lilac, cream, bicolours, torties, and golden shaded British Shorthairs.

Our Guarantees

We prioritize the health of our cats, focusing on breeding for desirable traits and temperaments. To ensure their well-being, we provide our cats and kittens with a balanced raw diet. Additionally, we offer them access to quality dry food options such as Orijen, Ziwi Peak, Feline Natural Freeze Dried, and Royal Canin, available 24/7 based on their individual food tolerance. While we have established relationships with experienced veterinarians and breeders who can provide advice on illness assessment, treatment, and daily care, we also maintain pet insurance to cover the health needs of our feline companions.

All our original breeding cats undergo DNA testing, guaranteeing they are negative for PKD (polycystic kidney disease). Since mid-2020, we have implemented a routine heart ultrasound check performed by a cardiologist to screen for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). This screening is conducted on all our original breeding adults and rechecked every 2-3 years for those still part of our breeding program. Selective testing is carried out on our first or second-generation cats that we retain in our cattery. As of mid-2021, we have assessed ten original breeding cats, all of which have shown normal results. We will continue to test new breeders to maintain the strength and health of our line.


We ensure that all our cats are raised in our home environment with love and care. They are socialized, healthy, and free from genetic faults. We carefully select families to whom we sell our kittens, seeking responsible individuals who are committed to providing the best care for their feline companions. When making an inquiry, please introduce yourself and your family, as we prioritize placing our kittens in suitable households. We do not respond to inquiries without knowing the kind of family our kittens will be joining.

To stay informed about our breeding plans and available kittens, please refer to the "Kittens" page on our website. If you are interested in adopting one of our Furrytail kittens, you can find general information and answers to most of your questions on the "Kitten - buyer info" page.

About British shorthair

About British Shorthair
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