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Retired Queen for Adoption

Updated: May 5, 2022

We're retiring our 4 year old blue girl "Athena" . She was 10th ANCATS Cat of the Year with points gained from only one show. She's now a grand champion - we didn't bring her to many shows afterwards because she simply hated it.

She's a very shy, sensitive and independent girl who prefers to be left alone most of the time with some private space. However we can tell she shows her love and trust in a secret way🤣. She's definitely not a lap cat and will potentially fit in a quiet and small family without kids/teenagers and dogs.

Diet: She's currently on Orijen chicken dry food, can have Orijen red or Royal Canin BSH. She's not picky on dry food, but she isn't a big fan of wet food (ziwi/zealandia) or treats (FDA/Freezy Paws) however she may just not like to compete with the others.

Medical history: None. All of our breeding cats had heart ultrasound and Athena had hers in 2020 and came back with normal results. Full screen DNA tested with all clear results.

We are not in rush rehoming her and will select the best (most suitable) family for her. If you can offer her a permanent loving home, please contact us with a brief intro of you and your family, and the life you can provide her with.

Please be aware that it will take a long time to build a relationship with an adult cat like her and you need to be patient. We'd like to keep in touch in the future for her updates at the new home.

Kind regards,

Furrytail Cattery

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