• Emily

Litter Z - Await Owner Confirmation

Updated: 5 days ago

Sire: Elvis

Dam: Izzy

DOB: 30 Oct 2020

  1. Black Golden Ticked Tabby Boy - Reserved

  2. Black Golden Ticked Tabby Boy

  3. Black Golden Ticked Tabby Girl

  4. Black Golden Ticked Tabby Gril

We lost the smallest 5th kitten on day 5. He struggled to drink milk from the mum and we topped up with some goat milk several times a day but still with minimal gain in weight. His weight started to drop once we stopped feeding him mannually though he kept himself busy sucking. On day 4 and 5, we decided to tube feeding every 2 -3 hours trying to save his life, unfortunately he was too weak to make it. :'(

We have a goal each year - keep all the kittens that born alive alive, and this year we did not make it.


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