• Emily

Litter R - Reserved by Waiting list

Updated: Jun 10

Sire: Elvis

Dam: Izabella

DOB: 28/03/2020, ready to go late June

Izabella had a c-section unfortunately due to prolonged labour. The contractions disappeared after she delivered 2 kittens.

We lost one last kitten of unknown colour as it was born in ARH hospital Homebush. I was devastated but still feel lucky that I have sent her to emergency in time and saved her and the other 2 kittens. I had to hand feed Izabella wet food on the day she came home but she is getting better day by day and the babies are all very well.

1. Blue Golden Shaded (Chinchilla) (ay11(12)) - Girl - Keeper

2. Blue Golden Shaded (ay11) - Girl Under Cattery Observation

3. Black Golden Shaded (ny11) - Girl Reserved

4. Black Golden Shaded (ny11) - Boy Reserved


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