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Breeding plan 2022-2023

The following are breeding PLANS only and may not happen in the end. We do not take any reservation for a particular mating because missing it means another year of waiting and will be hard for us to estimating the waiting time for other owners. Confirmed litters below will be born in Dec 2022 - Jan 2022.

1. Payton x Rickie (Confirmed)

Expected colour: Blue golden, Black golden in shorthair (3/4) & longhair (1/4)

2. Simba x Nala (Confirmed)

Expected colour: Solid creams

3. Willy x Jingle Bells

Expected colour: Solid Blues

4. Elvis x Izabella

Expected colour: Blue golden, Black golden

5. Zenos (borrowed ny13 stud) x Izzy

Expected colour: Black Golden in shorthair(1/2) & longhair (1/2)

Updated 28 Nov 2022

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